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Clare van Stolk painting.

As a painter I  find it difficult to describe my work in words.

My  aim is to disappear in that wonderful flow, where the brush moves, the paint appears on the canvas and every subconscious impuls is followed blindly.

Inspiration comes from many sources but the last year I have sought it in flowers, portrait and landscape. I have no premeditated plan or image of the result. I follow my heart and discover the subjects message when I emerge from my flow.

I remain wary of tricks, cliches and flattery.


Curriculum Vitae Clare van Stolk.



1976 Keramiek van Stolk, Oosterbeek
1977 Keramiek Patrice Rouby, Frankrijk
1984-1986 Rijksacademie voor Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam
1988 L‘ecole Superieure de Peinture, Brussel

1991-2005 Commissions in Holland wallpaintings and trompe-l'oeils.
Amstel Hotel, Okura Hotel, Hotel de Veertien Sterren, Ray & Berntson, Buurthuis de Waterval, Bouwfonds, IVV, Duin en Kruidberg, Nissan decor for Hart van Holland, several privat commissions.

Commissions outside Holland. 
From 1993 Auxerre France, Trier, Aachen Germany, The Old State Capitol of baton rouge USA, Holland Village in Nagasaki Japan, privat commissions.


Exhibitions paintings, ceramics, etc.:

1980-1883 Own Potterie “Clare’s Potterie“ Bergen aan Zee
1989-1999 Own Galerie « La Grande Illusion » Amsterdam
2000 Atelier WG Amsterdam
2002 Kunst manifestatie Emergo, Amsterdam, schilderijen.
2004 Ministery of JusticeThe Hague, paintings.
2005 "Bronnen", museum Kranenburgh, Bergen NH
2006 "Terra incognita", WG Amsterdam
2007 Open ateliers oud West, Amsterdam
2007 museum Kranenburgh Bergen NH, exhibition: Bergense kunstenaars
2008 Kunst10daagse Bergen NH.
2008 Own galery and beeldentuin “Galerie van Stolk”, Bergen NH
2009 Participant tv. program "Sterren op het doek": portrait Jan Siebelink Letterkundig Museum Den Haag.
2009 Kunst10daagse Bergen NH.
2010 Galerie LEM, Uitgeest.
2010 Open ateliers Oud West, Amsterdam
2010 Kunst10daagse Bergen NH
2011 Art Fair Alkmaar.
2011 Kunst10daagse Bergen NH.
2011 Kunstplein Keukenhof.
2012 Kunst10daagse Bergen NH.
2012 Flowers into Art, Aalsmeer, Stadhuis
2012 Gallery Bel-Etage Amsterdam, exhibition "Flowerportraits"
2013 Porem van Mokum, clayportraits, Jan Sierhuis 
2013 Kunst10daagse Bergen NH. 
2014 Kunst10daagse Bergen NH.
2014 Arta Casa Amsterdam, exhibition gallery Arta Casa: paintings.
2015 kasteel Poelgeest, Oegstgeest, exhibition paintings.
2015 Cards from my flower paintings in the collection of Bekking en Blitz. 
2015 Winner tv program "Sterren op het Doek", painting Sonja Barend.

2015 Kunst10daagse Bergen NH.

2016 Kunst10daagse Bergen NH.

2017 Kunst10daagse Bergen NH.

2017 Exhibition in Vredeskerkje Bergen NH, with portraits.. Theme:  "When we don't  understand each other anymore".

2018 Cocomat flagship store Amsterdam. Colorful paintings and drawings on metal objects.

2018 Kunst10daagse Bergen HH.

2019 Kranenburgh, Bergen NH. Exhibition "New Members".

2019 Tha Banque, Bergen NH. Expositie "SHE, with paintings, ceramics and ink drawings.

2019 Galerie De Kapberg, paintings.

2020 Expositie locatie aan de Voert 18a.

2021  Exposite locatie aan de Voert 18a.

2022 Kunst 10 daagse Bergen aan zee aan de boulevard.

        Artist aan zee.

        Museum Kranenburgh 75 jaar KCB, Bergen.


Teaching at several art institutes.
2003 Cultureel centrum van de VU “Griffioen”: ceramics and portrait painting. 
CM Creatives Huizen: drawing portrait and model, 
Inloop-academie Amsterdam: portrait and model-drawing and painting.
"Atelier Clare van Stolk" on WG-terrein Amsterdam Oud-West: lessons and workshops drawing and painting.

Born 16 juli 1959 in England.


Clare van Stolk

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