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Already for a long time I'm making charcoal portraits of people and animals on paper.

Recently I developed a new and interesting technic, to transfer the original paper charcoal-portrait on metal. With the aid of computer and laser- technics several cut-outs can be made. This way the drawing on paper becomes a spacious object, wich can be placed on a pedestal or hung on the wall.

It's strong, wind- and wheatherproof, so it can also be placed outside. As a logo for your company, or as a memory of your pet, for example to mark a grave. 

Take a look at some realised commissions shown here.

When you are interested in a unique and original portrait of yourself or your domestic animal, please contact me.

Prices: charcoal drawing from 500 euro.

As a personal unique Cut-out metal portrait, ask for the possibilities.


This includes  a drawing session(s) after live model, a photo session for the nescessary pictures, the final charcoal drawing, several pre-production prints and finally the production on metal with cut-outs and a designed pedestal or hanging system). 

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