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Cards of my flowerpaintings, now issued by Bekking & Blitz !

Bekking & Blitz, a Dutch publisher of art, (cards, posters and calendars), has invited me to become part of their collection.  And it's a great collection! They are interested in my flowerpaintings. Their work is highly esteemed and is for sale around the world in musea and quality stores. This will be an added stimulus for my flower painting!

These beautifull cards are now also added to the shop on this page, or for sale at  

When you're interested please send me an email on the page contact. 

"Bouquets", 5x2 cards with envelopes, size 10 x 15 cm,  7.99 euro.

Design and production by Bekking & Blitz.

"Flowers in vase",  2 x 5 cards, with envelopes, size 13 x 13 cm, 8.99 euro.

Design and procuction by Bekking & Blitz.

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