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A Giclee is a print made with a new printing-technic, developed in the United States.

It is often used for making reproductions of artwork for musea. The word giclee comes from the french "gicler", which means radiating. 

In this printing-technic ink is radiated on paper in several layers of color.

The highest quality can be achieved with quality 350 grams carton, ink on a basis of real pigments and an advanced piëzo-printhead technologie.

Before a Giclee can be printed the work has to be digitised by a very high resolution camera. 

When a digitised work is not printed in a serie, but only once, we speak of a monogiclee.

For example:

Giclee, 40x50 cm, 150 euro.

It is possible to order a Giclee of one of my paintings or ink drawings on beautifull 340 grs German paper.

The lucky  news is that the prices of my paintings are still low, so why not go for the real thing.

The real one is unique, there is the structure of the paint, the lifespan is guaranteed.

But when you have a wish, please send me a mail in the page Contact.


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